Why Deer Valley Academy Is Nut-Free

Deer Valley Academy makes a concerted effort to be a nut-free school. Reactions that occur at school can be severe and tend to occur more frequently in younger children. With the cooperation of parents, we can protect allergic children from anaphylaxis. As a nut-free school, staff, parents and students are asked to be extra vigilant to ensure no nut-containing products enter the school for the safety of students with nut allergies. If a child with a nut allergy is exposed to even a small trace of nut or nut oils/residue left on surfaces, a reaction of varying degrees can occur. Each time a child is exposed (even if a reaction doesn’t occur), his/her risk to a more severe reaction increases. Therefore, every effort to protect these children is necessary. Products with labels that say “may contain peanuts” or “produced on equipment that also produces peanut or tree nut products” will not be allowed at school. A convenient aide for alternative, nut-free food to send with your child is available here.

Foods To Avoid