Lesson Plan and Curriculum

The daily lesson plans revolve around a theme each month. The curriculum is on a three-year cycle, in which no theme repeats itself. Every year, curriculum is revised and updated based on current research and methodology.

Each activity or project suggested in the lesson plan book reinforces developmentally appropriate skills to help your child grow and learn. The primary learning objective of each activity is listed next to each activity in the lesson plan book. Mother Goose Time provides our teachers with tips on how to adapt recommended activities throughout the lesson plan to embrace the unique learning style and skill level of each child.

2020 - 2021 Lesson Plan

month theme numbers letters color shape Weekly Topics newsletter
September All About Me 1, 2 B, A, H Brown Circle Body Parts, Five Senses, Clothing, Staying Healthy September Newsletter
October Bugs & Crawly Things 3, 4 C, N, U Orange Rectangle Backyard Bugs, Bug Homes, Crawly Things, Camouflage Bugs October Newsletter
November Explore the Rainforest 5, 6 J, D, M Green Hexagon Forest Floor Layer, Understory Layer, Canopy Layer, Emergent Layer November Newsletter
December Ice Castle 7, 8 I, T, P White Square Ice & Snow, Alpine Tundra, Tundra Animals, Life in the Arctic December Newsletter
January DinoLand 9, 10 L, E, V Purple Oval Paleontology, Types of Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Body Parts, Jurassic Land January Newsletter
February Global Passport 11, 12 G, K, Q Red Heart Travel Tools, World Market, Natural Wonders, Man-Made Wonders February Newsletter
March Space & Sky 13, 14 S, R, Z Yellow Star Space from Earth, Rock Planets, Giant Planets, Exploring Space March Newsletter
April Ocean Dive 15, 16 O, W, X Blue Triangle Seascape, Large Sea Creatures, Small Sea Creatures, Ocean Exploration April Newsletter
May Garden Treasures 17, 18 Y, F Pink Diamond Planting Gardens, Growing Gardens, Garden Visitors, Garden Vegetables May Newsletter
June Habitats & Homes 19, 20 A - Z Places We Live, Rooms, Chores, Animal Homes