Academy Ski Program

Deer Valley Resort is one of the most distinguished resorts in the world and currently holds the title of United States’ Best Ski Resort as voted by the World Ski Awards.

Deer Valley Academy pre-schoolers are afforded unique access to the resort’s groomed-to-perfection slopes and award-winning ski school by adding skiing lessons to their winter school activities! Deer Valley’s enthusiastic children’s ski instructors are trained specifically in techniques for teaching children how to ski, while instilling them with a love for the sport in a fun and nurturing environment.

Scheduled Ski Days

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays


Three-year-olds will receive a one-hour, one-on-one private lesson

Four-year-olds will receive a two-hour lesson either alone or paired with one other 4-year-old Academy student.

A schedule is posted on the "Parent Information" board in the Center. These lessons are held once a week during the winter ski season when the Academy is open and are subject to change based on business trends.

It’s important to note that our ski instructors are pre-booked and on tight schedules. If you are late for a lesson, that day’s lesson will be shortened accordingly so the instructor can keep other commitments. We appreciate your arriving on time for both Academy and ski lessons.

Why Three-Year-Olds Ski 1-On-1 for One Hour

Scheduled on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3-year-old students receive one-hour, one-on-one private lessons and 4-year-old students receive two-hour, private or semi-private lessons paired with one other 4-year-old student.

The one-hour lesson time for 3-year-olds takes into account physical, mental, emotional and social development. The overarching goal is for skiing to be a positive experience so the child will want to continue with the sport. Leg strength, attention span and safety are all factored into the determined time frame. A weekly log of lesson progression and developed skills is kept for each student and given to parents at the end of the season.

For Parents

Parents are responsible for providing children with the proper ski equipment and clothing for lessons. On-time lesson attendance is imperative, as our ski instructors are pre-booked and have tight schedules. Lesson times may be shortened accordingly for late arrivals.

For your convenience, there is a form with information about your child’s lesson and the instructor who taught it on a clipboard on the helmet/boot shelves in the kiva. This log, which stays in the kiva, helps us keep our lessons consistent and productive. (You will be given this form at the end of the season.) We also provide a report card at the end of the day that tells you where your child skied and what skills your child worked on that day.

We welcome any suggestions or tips about what you would like your child to be focusing on during these lessons.


Can my child make up a missed ski day?Unfortunately, no. Our ski instructors are assigned to the Academy children as well as to our other children's ski programs. When a child does not show up for a ski lesson, the instructor misses a lesson as well because he/she was assigned for that day/time. With ample notice, we will try to accommodate your child when possible.
Will my child have the same ski instructor all season?Our ski instructors are assigned to the Academy children, as well as to our other children's ski programs, throughout the winter based on bookings, their work schedules, etc. We cannot guarantee that your child will have the same instructor all season, but often they will have recurring instructors. All of our instructors are highly qualified to teach young children. In addition, it is beneficial for your child to experience a variety of teaching styles and personalities.
My child will be three on February 21. Can she ski in January? For liability and developmental reasons, children must have reached their three-year birthday in order to ski. Your child can ski beginning February 21.
Can we leave our child’s ski equipment at the center over the weekend?Because the resort and the center are open seven days a week during the ski season, we ask that you take your child’s ski equipment home over the weekends. We don’t want to run the risk of them getting mixed in with our weekend child care and Fawn programs, especially during our busier periods. Also, you will not be on our security checklist at the Children’s Center Front Desk, which could create an inconvenience for you, our staff and our other guests. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Can my pre-school child ski more than the one time during the school week that is included in his tuition?You may sign your pre-school child up for a second ski time during the week for an additional cost. The day and time that your child will be in this additional lesson is based upon instructor availability during the week. Be sure to leave his/her ski equipment and clothes at the center from Monday through Friday. Please see your Academy teacher for details and to sign up your child for an additional ski time.